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USB Розетка Elegant

This firmware is only for Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3S with Amlogic SX as CPU.

Download Android stock firmware for Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3S from here, here or here. From here you can download Android stock firmware for Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Enhanced.

Firmware details

● Archive: XIAOMI Mi Box 3S SX 2GB/8GB Android Media Player Firmware Update
● Archive size: MB
● Image: Mi Box
● Platform: Amlogic SX
● Build number: Xiaomi/kungfupanda/kungfupanda/LMY47D/user/release-keys

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3S is a multimedia center which enables you to have the absolute best and most versatile home media experience.

It is worthwhile for you to possess this TV box because it will let you enjoy plenty of HD movies, TV dramas and more videos on demand whenever you like with your friends and family.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3S Features
&#; 2GB DDR3 & 8GB eMMC An upgraded version of the 3C, the reddot design & good design-winning XIAOMI Mi Box 3S suports 2GB of DDR3 RAM along with 8GB of eMMC onboard storage.

It is a very affordable gadget and can turn your ordinary television into a smart TV.
&#; Patchwall. The newly launched Mi Boxes are powered by Xiaomi`s exclusive AI-based PatchWall interface.

These are some of the very first smart TV gizmos to come with AI support. PatchWall -The magic Artificial Intelligence TV System, Your Intimate Companion. An artificial intelligence-based system,  PatchWall carries out indepth learning about our TV entertainment habbits to get insights from the audiencebesides the contents they prefer. AS time passes byit will intelligently recommend the TV sources according to your preference.

In other words,  the audience do not have to look for a needle in a haystack, everything is in place!
&#; Dolby DTS & 4K HDR. The newly launched smart TV gadget supports 4K videos at up to 60 fps along with HDR (High Dynamic Range). It can fully decode the advanced H codec. The Mi Box 3S supports Dolby DTS sound system.
&#; MiTouch.

An innovative MiTouch remote is bundled along with the new 3S Android media player. A notable upgrade in this is the brand new HDMI a support.
&#; AC WIFI & Bluetooth. The Mi box 3S rocks dual-band ac ( GHz + GHz) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v connectivity.


Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently.

The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

According to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments fell 2 percent annually to reach million units in Q1

Samsung recaptured first position with 23 percent global smartphone marketshare, while Apple grew slightly to 15 percent share.

Huawei and Xiaomi performed best among the major players and both hit record marketshare levels.

“Xiaomi shipped an impressive million smartphones and jumped to fourth position with a record 8 percent global marketshare in Q1doubling from 4 percent share a year ago.

Xiaomi’s growth soared percent annually in the quarter, outperforming all its major rivals. Xiaomi is expanding like wildfire across Asia, particularly in India. OPPO slipped to fifth place, capturing 7 percent global smartphone marketshare in Q1tumbling from 8 percent a year ago. OPPO has been hit hard by Xiaomi’s rapid retail expansion and Huawei’s much-improved Android device portfolio.” Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics said (source

This report confirms what I expected.

The smartphone market has come to maturity. Declining sales will lead to a stronger battle between major manufacturers.

In reality, the real battle does not go between smartphone manufacturers. The main battle is going between those who offer services that rely on these devices. In the top positions are the leading judges on the advertising market and on the banking market.

The profit from selling a smartphone is no longer so great. The main profit comes from the subsequent services. I hope you understand why the authorities are rushing to legislate on personal data protection. It is approaching a rather complicated period.

Xiaomi is expecting fans in the EU in Italy and France this month.

The performance of Xiaomi products is known in Europe.

Exclusive online stores with products of this brand opened by local entrepreneurs in recent months is a confirmation that Xiaomi fans are growing. I was saying that the Xiaomi team is extremely cautious before deciding to be officially present on a local market. The decision to organize this event at a time when Europe is endeavoring to legislate on personal data rules is a little risky. There is the possibility that some publishers may shift their criticism from certain social networks to intelligent Xiaomi products.

The EU does not have its own products that can compete with the Xiaomi portfolio.

How it exists in the US. This is one of the reasons why legislative regulations will continue to generate tensions.

If you are in France or Italy this month I recommend you to participate in this event. No matter what smartphone model you currently have. Go and test your Xiaomi products and compare them. Technological level and price differentials.

Xiaomi is set to change the VR industry by working closely with Oculus &#; we are the hardware partner for the global launch of Oculus Go and will also release Mi VR Standalone with Oculus soon, making VR more accessible than it’s ever been!

&#; Xiaomi posted a few hours ago on the Facebook fanpage.

I have also said for several hours on this blog that the future belongs to those who will be able to quickly adapt their offers to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Those who want to get to the top need partners equally professional. This area does not belong to individual entrepreneurs. Look at the evolution of trade in recent years. The maximum profit is only gained by strong business groups.

Profit that can be invested in research to get new products.

This partnership confirms again that Xiaomi is at a level that allows it to stay with the leading manufacturers of technology products. At the same time, this collaboration offers new facilities to promote other Xiaomi products in new outlets.

I remind you that various services have quickly adapted to virtual reality.

And the results started to appear. For example, architects have switched from paper presentations to 3D or 3D projections to VR presentations. This type of presentation is closer to reality. The beneficiary has the opportunity to see more precisely how the building will look.

Another example commonly encountered in the last years belongs to the performance education system.

The lessons have been moved from the classrooms to the VR. Travel and accommodation expenses have been eliminated. Human interaction has declined during course classes but has increased as a result of the demographic spread of learners.

Students establish contacts in VR and continue their discussions on social networks or offline at practice camps.

Another benefit currently in the project stage is providing technical support.

This will eliminate some of the expenses.

Remember &#; keep in touch with reality.

By Tudor
I am a blogger who is interested in smart technology.
Archive author: Tudor

By Tudor
I am a blogger who is interested in smart technology.
Archive author: Tudor

By Tudor
I am a blogger who is interested in smart technology.
Archive author: Tudor

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